$100 Pico Projector Beams Video At Full-iPhone Resolution

We’ve always felt that pico projectors are a little uninspiring, but the Pop Video iPhone projector from Micron Technology displays higher-resolution than the rest, and it’s small and cheap enough to be practical.

The 99g projector connects to your iPhone via a retractable 30-pin dock connector and displays video at the iPhone’s full 960×540 resolution (similar projectors are usually trimmed to 640×360). The corresponding Pop Video app allows you to tweak the image. On a full charge, the little guy will run for two hours, which is roughly long enough to get your through a feature-length film. Obviously, it requires a pretty dark space to produce a decent picture, but for that $US99 price, it’s a nifty little accessory. The Pop Video projector is available for pre-order now. [Micron Technology via CNET]

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