PS3 PlayTV Bundle: 250GB PS3 With PlayTV For $599

playtvAt this morning’s PlayTV launch, Sony announced that they’ll be bundling the DVR attachment with a new 250GB PS3 console, for $599. That’s not bad value.

The bundle includes a 250GB PS3, which is apparently worth $599 in itself, with a PlayTV worth $170 thrown in for nothing.

So ultimately your choice comes down to this: If you were waiting to buy a PS3 because you wanted the PlayTV attachment, this is the way to go. If you already own a PS3 and want a PlayTV, you’ll want to upgrade your PS3’s HDD as soon as possible – even 120GB won’t get you very far recording HD content. And if you already have a DVR, then you probably won’t care about the $170 PlayTV device at all…

As far as the PlayTV itself goes – it’s all stuff, we’ve known for a while. Twin HD tuners, Freeview compliant (so no ad-skipping, just 30x FF or rewind) and remote play support for your PSP.


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