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Feel like reliving all of the Apple announcements from this morning? Well that's good, because Apple has now posted the full video of today's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote to its website.


Well, that was something. Apple unloaded a heap of hardware and software at the WWDC keynote today. New supermodel MacBook Pros, software upgrades everywhere, so many peripherals and updates that some didn't even get mentioned — it was all pretty overwhelming. Here are the most important bits from today's deluge.


Apple defied expectations today by introducing an updated Mac Pro, despite not mentioning the machine at WWDC and indications that it would kill it off. Creative professionals are most definitely celebrating — it's the first time their super-powerful computer of choice has gotten a refresh in two years, and it needed some attention in a bad way. So what exactly does the updated machine look like?


Passbook is a new mobile wallet from Apple that will debut in iOS. Right now, it's about ticket aggregation, not payments. But it's a sign of things to come. Currently, it allows you to combine your tickets and loyalty cards in one convenient place.


Apple's MagSafe chargers are getting smaller. Apple just announced MagSafe 2, a slimmer version of the charger found on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. That means more space for the super-skinny, next-gen MacBook Pro, but it also means you've got to go out and buy new chargers if you use more than one.