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The best music and art festival of 2013 isn't happening in a park or on a boat. It's taking place on a moving train. Profiled in Wired's forthcoming Design Issue, artist Doug Aitken is packing a slew of artists and bands onto a train, crossing from New York to San Francisco over the course of 10 days in September.


After Chris Anderson's departure as Editor-In-Chief of Wired after a 10 year run, rumours were swirling about who might be next to take the helm. Now, it's been announced that the next man for the job is former Wired creative director Scott Dadich.


After 9/11, three US federal law enforcement agencies planned a massive project to replace a mishmash of ageing and obsolete radios used by thousands of US federal agents. A decade and $US356 million later, the program has made "minimal progress" and the US Department of Homeland Security, one of the project's key partners, wants little to do with it.


TAMPA, Florida - Ross Lindman gently pats the black hull of his intimidating 7.6-metre aquatic robot. Then he gestures to the bomblets strapped to either side of it. "This," says the Columbia Group vice president, "is an underwater Predator."


The news abounds with stories of powerful men behaving badly. It's a depressing yet predictable spectacle - those in positions of power can't help but help themselves to the help. They scream at underlings and have sex with the secretaries; they assault hotel maids (or at least are accused of such) and sleep with the nanny. The question, of course, is what motivates this awful behavior? Why does power corrupt?