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Today's big telecoms news is that Optus has announced it's buying Vivid Wireless for $230 million, with the intent to use Vivid's existing spectrum to boost its 4G network using LTE-TDD.


This photograph was taken at the SFMTA Customer Service Center, the 7th level of bureaucratic hell. I was working there, but I don't work there, feel me?


Verizon's pretty-damn-fast LTE network is launching in four days. They're calling it 4G. Sprint calls its WiMax network 4G. T-Mobile calls its network 4G too. Confused? Check out what 4G really means.


We don't have WiMAX in most places, but Samsung is already demonstrating dozens of HD and 3D videos streaming simultaneously through 330Mbps WiMAX 2. Yes, let's all whine about how crappy our wireless coverage is now.