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Craigslist is used to find apartments, pets and love connections. Started in 1995 by its namesake, Craig Newmark, as an emailed newsletter circulated among friends, it's grown to become the proxy classifieds page for people all over the world. Craig isn't running things there anymore, but he's still very much involved in the company.

Matt Heverly has one of the coolest jobs in the solar system: he drives rovers. On Mars. He drove NASA's Opportunity rover for four years, and now he's getting ready for the biggest mission in the history of NASA's planetary exploration -- driving the $US2.6 billion car-sized Curiosity rover after it lands on Sunday.

You probably don't know Mike Novacek by name, but he's one of the most important palaeontologists in the world. If you've ever yearned to go off into the wilderness and hunt down dinosaur fossils as a kid, Mike Novacek is living your dream.

If you're reading these lines it's because of this man. He's Dave Winer, the inventor of blogs and RSS syndication, two of the backbones of the web. Often controversial, always challenging, this is the story of what got him inspired to do it all.