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Video: When the Super Soaker was released 25 years ago, it stirred up a bit of controversy when some idiots filled the water guns with bleach. But that's nothing compared to how dangerous this pressurised water gun that YouTuber Asp built. It's capable of inflicting a tremendous amount of damage, even serious bodily harm if pointed in the wrong direction.


It's hot out there, which naturally pushes us towards soaking one another with jets of cold water. Maybe you want a summertime arsenal for your kids, or maybe you're just... youthful. Regardless, here's the best new water gun.


My Super Soaker of yore wouldn't stand a chance against this beast of a weapon. Called the Thunderstorm, this new Super Soaker only costs $US15 (cheap enough to dual-wield) and is battery-powered for automatic shooting (which requires no pumping).


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The problem with most water guns is that once your tank runs dry, you're helpless until you can make it to a tap. No so with the Saturator AK47! It uses clips of water to ensure you're always full. Brilliant.