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Something like $3,050,000,000 worth of vibrators are sold every year — that's 60 million vibrators. After a lifetime of service, when they have given out their last little buzz, where do they go? Into landfill. And that's a problem the world's first biodegradable vibrator hopes to solve.


The amount of municipal waste being disposed of in the US is more than double — 262 million tonnes (metric tons) versus 122 million tonnes in 2012 — previous estimates, our new study shows. We also found that the US has plenty of space to put it all — more than 70 years' worth of space, actually.


Biodegradable plastic, now often found in plastic bags and bottles, contains additives that are supposed to get microbes to break down tough plastic faster. But a new study from Michigan State University finds that some of these additives may actually doing, well, jack shit.