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The heroes of The Fast and the Furious series have taken on the Yakuza, hordes of self-driving cars, and a goddamn submarine. Given that each Fast & Furious movie has gotten increasingly more insane, there's only one way the franchise's next instalment is going to be able to top its predecessors: By blasting off.

Video: Thanks to YouTube, the easiest way to score your 15 minutes of fame is to buy an expensive machine, master its capabilities, and film yourself using it. Some go with high-speed cameras, while others go with hydraulic presses. William Osman, on the other hand, went the laser cutter route, and used one to make a hauntingly detailed ham and cheese bust of Vin Diesel, because the unyielding terror of human ingenuity never fails to disappoint.

You may wonder what the man who's able to breathe every possible shade of meaning to "I am Groot" thinks about having to voice the character as a tiny sapling. And the answer is that Vin Diesel thinks there's a lot of differences between baby Groot on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and full-grown Groot in the original, and hearing him explain them is simply delightful.