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Adding friends on Snapchat can be a pain in the arse: You have to open the app, pull down the menu bar to reveal your personalised Snapcode, have your friend open their Snapchat app, focus the camera on your (more than likely) smudged screen and have them take a photo. Or you have to sit there spelling out your username ("It's A, double U - no, not W, two Us..."). Now, you can just send them a link.


Parent-calling-avoiders of the world have never had it worse: Skype, Hangouts and FaceTime are all stellar and free programs that mean that you've got basically no reason for ignoring forgetting your parents' wedding anniversary. But Firefox wants to add to that list, with a video-calling client that doesn't even need an account.


For decades, we've been waiting for oh-so-futuristic hologram technology to make the leap from Star Wars movies to our living rooms, and it hasn't. But it sounds like it's right around the corner after Skype announced that it had developed 3D video chat technology in the lab.


Airtime is a new startup by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning (of Napster fame) that recycles an old idea: Chatroulette. Yep, that random video-chatting service invented by some Russian teenager has seemingly been redressed in tailored suits and landscaped beards. It's Chatroulette buttoned-up, which means less fun but potentially more useful.