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Video: Play with your food. That's the moral of the story from Crazy Russian Hacker. He put marshmallows in one of those vacuum food containers, pumped out the air, and watched the squishy little white puffs balloon into ginormous monsters. It's all silly fun.


What happens when you put liquid nitrogen in a vacuum chamber? It turns solid. And then it snows. As the vacuum lowers the pressure in the chamber, it decreases the boiling point of the liquid nitrogen which means the nitrogen boils faster. But! The boiling liquid nitrogen is also evaporating which cools itself, which turns the liquid nitrogen so cold that it turns into a solid. Solid nitrogen colder than -346 degrees Fahrenheit.


James Dyson has an idea for a new form of sucking machine — one so large it requires an entire barge to house it. The idea here is to let a giant water-going vessel free and allow it to "mine" rivers of all the floating junk that's been tossed away into waterway everywhere since man first invented plastic bottles and tin cans.


Until they rise up to destroy us all, robots officially make everything better. Including vacuum cleaners like the Samsung NaviBot, a Roomba-esque dirt sucking machine that will one day rise up and kill us all. Or clean our house, depending on its mood.


Paul Fryer's Vacuum Tube Chess set—one of only seven made—actually have pieces that light up when they're plugged in to the board. Now you'll know exactly when someone picks up a piece from the board.