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Not only can this 2007 model UX490 quad-boot into OS X, Windows 7, XP Pro and Vista Business, but its specs have been overhauled. A voice-capable HSPA modem has been added, plus a faster CPU and larger solid-state hard disk.

Turns out that even though our specs for Intel's rumoured Netbook were on the money—900MHz Celeron, 40GB HDD—the laptop is actually the 2go PC made by CTL. They emailed us with a full spec sheet which reveal a couple new details: The screen is LED-backlit, it's under 3 pounds and it supports mesh networking. While they wouldn't commit to a price, "under $400" is the quote, it streets in about 60 days. Hit the jump for the spec sheet.

Yes, you will have seen slimmer UMPCs, but probably not one quite so feature-packed as the new Miu Hybrid Dual PC. The Dual bit comes from its dual-boot options of XP plus WinCE 5.0 or linux Qplus. It earns its Hybrid label by being a mobile phone, navigation device, PMP, electronic dictionary, internet phone, voice recorder, games machine, mobile IPTV device and digital camera. We reckon that list of functions at least partly excuses its 0.96-inch depth. More details and gallery after the jump. galleryPost('miuHDPC', 3, '');

Earlier this week we saw the first alleged shots of Intel's Nettop UMPC. Well, it looks like evidence for the form factor is further solidifying, as new shots found on Min Thu's Flickr page show the supposed ultra portable in all its glory. There's no new info to go on, but we can clearly see the keyboard is rather sizable, meaning it could easily be thumbed by fat-fingered bloggers, which is great news for us. Shockingly, the carry handle on the outer casing looks even more tragic in a higher resolution and if you didn't think that was possible, hit the link for the proof.

Check out the latest entrant in the UMPC race, the MSI Wind, which we missed at CeBIT earlier last week. Toting a 10-inch display, Intel Shelton'08 platform, with variable processor speeds from 1.0GHz - 1.6GHz; 2.5-inch HDD or SSD, 1GB RAM, a reported 7-hour battery life and running either Linux or Windows operating systems, it seems MSI's offering holds a lot of promise.

The Samsung P200 notebook weighs in at a slightly obese 1.9 kilos, but it sure does pack in the features, including a 12.1-inch display (1280 x 800), Intel Core 2 Duo processor, ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics card, Bluetooth, ExpressCard slot, two USB ports and an integrated 6-in-1 card reader. Additionally, the battery will supposedly kick out three hours of playtime. The P200 is available in Europe and Korea, retailing at around €999 ($1638), but it doesn't look like it will be hitting Stateside shores too soon. If you're thinking of importing, why not shed double the price on the better equipped X300 instead?

The HTC Advantage has just received a hardware and software upgrade, and is now called the X7510. HTC has bumped the internal storage to 16GB of flash, and improved the keyboard as well as adding in Opera 9.5, and a "future version" of Windows Mobile. No price info yet, but the Advantage will be available in March. Expect to see HTC's other hiptop, the Shift, hit Europe a little earlier. Specs of the Advantage and pic of the Shift, after the jump.

The OLPC is all set to launch an American branch, called OLPC America, which aims to help kids from low-income families in the US. The new arm of OLPC has already acquired a director and chairman, and their head office is likely to be situated in Washington D.C.

Asus promised us long ago that their Eee PCs would be available in a variety of colours, but for whatever reason (we're guessing that reason is the Eee PC's successful sales) Asus has taken their time colourising the $US399 Eee PC that most of us want, instead offering us only the $US299 and $US350 Surf models in more colours. But fret no more, as Asus has just announced that their $US399 version is getting released in "Pure White, Galaxy Black, Blush Pink, Lush Green and Sky Blue." Do those adjectcolours look familiar? They should, since they are exactly the same as what's available on the Surf. Expect them in stores any day now.

The Everex Cloudbook that we showed you a month ago has finally been given an official release date. So if you were hoping to get the $US400 Eee PC rival, it will be available from Walmart.com on January 25th. There's no word on if you'll be able to pick one up at an actual brick-n-morter Walmart store, so the website might be the only option.

Scale is everything: We knew iRiver's Wing touchscreen UMPC was seriously compact, but didn't know just how small it was. It's still a complete prototype—you're looking at dumb plastic, and the top half even sorta fell off the hinge—but we convinced them to pull it out of the glass case so we could do a quick sizemodo. We just hope it actually comes out at this size.

The GoodsThe iRiver Wing is a cute little UMPC with a touchscreen and 4GB of flash storage. It's got Wi-Fi, obviously, and supposedly is instant-on. No word on the battery life. The Catch It runs Windows CE Pro for the OS, and the keyboard looks like it could be difficult to pound on.