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Facebook has quietly changed its privacy standards for closed groups to eliminate the option of manually viewing members’ private information and after it threatened legal action, a Chrome extension that made it possible to download the details of all group members at once has been shuttered. But the question of why this was possible in the first place still lingers.

Facebook's race to prove it's a good and trustworthy company over the last few months kicked off when it was revealed that a quiz app sold user data to a political firm. Now, a different quiz app is getting some heat. A researcher discovered that a third-party app called NameTests left the data of 120 million Facebook users exposed to anyone who happened to find it.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Facebook has never faced a scandal like the one it's currently fighting through. Revelations over the weekend about its reckless sharing of user data sent its stock price plunging on Monday, and fresh calls for regulations on the social media network are looking more real than ever.