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Video: I don't think it's possible to make anything cooler with your own two hands than this homemade multicolour fire tornado that spins around and weaves itself together with absolutely no moving parts. The only thing you need to do is cut up a glass cylinder and then offset the half-cylinders a little bit to let air flow do its thing to create the fire vortex.


Video: Tornadoes terrify me. Being sucked into the sky never to return again was a recurring childhood nightmare of mine, one that felt extremely realistic. Which is why I shiver at the sight of these massive waterspouts. I imagine myself on a boat, being lifted up by some massive force, surrounded by sharks trying to bite me.


Video: I can't understand why Dan Yorgasson kept recording an incoming tornado instead of getting the hell out of there as fast as possible. He just gets into a truck with a friend and waits to get taken away like Dorothy, all the while laughing and swearing.


Video: This is sad. Security camera footage shows a children's playground in Tupelo, Mississippi being destroyed by a tornado. It's not like the playground is some sort of impenetrable fortress but the winds of the twister monster pretty much levels it in minutes.