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Drink driving is obviously dumb, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell what kind of effect a beer has had on your body. Fortunately, Tokyoflash's latest watch straps a breathalyser to your wrist so you can keep your blood alcohol concentration in check.

I hate everything about time. Being on time, looking at time, adhering to time. EVERYTHING. My hate for time is a big reason why I never wear watches because then, I would be handcuffed by time. AND WHO WANTS THAT. I'm a free spirit! Don't change me world! Or I can just wear this Kisai On Air Watch that looks more like a faceless watch than a timecuff.

Despite the maker describing it as a "Horological Machine" and the thing looking like a miniature aeroplane that the dog got at, the MB&F HM4 Thunderbird is for telling the time with. It is a watch.

Oh Tokyoflash, how you challenge our perceptions of what a watch should be. The company's newest item, the Kisai Denshoku, looks more like some kind of sound meter, with orange neon bars on an aluminium faceplate. Denshoku is actually one of the easier Tokyoflash watches to read, not that anyone who actually buys these things would use them to tell time in the first place.