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If any one thing about The Last Jedi has been contentious -- actually, no, strike that, everything about The Last Jedi has been contentious, including its approach to space combat (the Holdo Manoeuvre, anyone?). But according to one fan and critic, Rian Johnson's epic actually makes space combat in the Star Wars universe more explicable, not less.

From porgs to fathiers to, uh, green milk-dispensing thala-sirens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi had its fair share of unique fauna. Topping that list in the elegance department are the breathtaking crystal foxes of Crait. While entirely CG in the film, designers took a very low-tech approach when trying to get a "feel" for the fictional creatures.

It's very rare to see contemporary versions of Star Wars and Star Trek make similar creative choices. After all, part of what's fuelled the age-old Wars v. Trek debate are the series' wildly different approaches to scifi. But with The Last Jedi in theatres and Discovery airing online, both franchises seem to be tackling something fascinating, questioning institutions in each world that fans have held dear for decades.

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Some people, myself included, loved The Last Jedi. A lot of people hated it. That's fine!

Everyone's entitled to their opinions - I hated Rogue One, after all, but I'm happy for those who got enjoyment from it. But when people say The Last Jedi is 'worse than the prequels' I have to question things because really, have you guys seen those movies recently?