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Kevin Smith teases not one, not two, but a trio of Batmen actors in the Jay & Silent Bob reboot. Quentin Tarantino promises his Star Trek film is basically Pulp Fiction with phasers. Snoopy is heading to space for Apple TV+. Plus, Arrow and Supergirl promote some regulars, behind the scenes on the bonkers Cats movie, and a tiny Snowpiercer tease. Spoilers now!

Yes, it’s called Comic-Con, but these days, the biggest news out of the annual convention usually isn’t about comics. It’s about comic book-inspired (or at least influenced) film and television. Things change though. Ten years ago, movies dominated SDCC. Five years ago, television started taking over. Now, it’s a mix, leaning more into TV with a strong focus on streaming content. Since there’s a ton going on, we’ll pull out what we deem to be the most exciting movie, TV, and streaming panels of San Diego Comic-Con 2019.

Warner Bros, Sony and Universal might be sitting out San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but we still have plenty of amazing panels to be excited about — especially in regards to new television shows. We’ll be covering all of it from San Diego next week, but for those prepping their must-see lists, we’re counting down the 10 most exciting panels happening at SDCC this year.

It’s part of our job to watch TV here at io9, and it was a damn good year for the airwaves—you wouldn’t believe how spirited the debate was as we narrowed down our list of best shows, emerging with a 10 best (most of which won’t surprise you, since we’ve been singing their praises all year).

Every year we think there couldn’t be any more television, and again we are surprised. Before we reveal our best and worst shows of the year (those’ll come in a separate list), we want to take some time to honour the unique moments that made TV great, interesting, or baffling — and sometimes a bit unpleasant. Get ready for our best and worst TV moments of 2018.

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If you haven't watched one of the best sci-fi series of the last few years, you might want to get a move on. Amazon's decision to revive the series for a fourth season will have consequences for Australians very soon: namely, it's leaving Netflix.

Spring means warmer days, shorter nights, and the first waves of panic about holiday shopping. We’ve already told you all about the films you might be interested in, but collected here — in a list that numbers nearly 100 entries — is the season’s vast array of sci-fi and fantasy books. Plus a few collections, memoirs and other genre-adjacent works which should help you conquer all.

Henry Cavill is still pondering what could’ve been with Man of Steel 2. Another Rob Liefeld comic hero could be coming to the big screen. Dwayne Johnson says his Black Adam won’t appear in Shazam! Plus, what’s to come on The Originals, and a tiny sneak peek at the next season of The Expanse. Spoilers, go!