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If there’s someone who encapsulates Mobb Deep lyric “only 19 but my mind is old” better than Amandla Stenberg right now, you’d be hard pressed to find them.

The teenager is leading the way when it comes to a new generation of celebrity, with her activism sitting prominently alongside her work as an actress in films like sci-fi blockbuster The Darkest Minds.

If you sat down to watch The Darkest Minds without knowing it was based on a book, that information would become abundantly clear about 10 minutes into the film. Almost every scene, especially early on, feels slightly detached from the last, as if some cohesive thread was cut to squeeze a 500-page book into a 100-minute movie -- which, if we're being honest, is almost certainly the case. The result is an interesting, beautiful-looking movie that gets increasingly frustrating as plot lines are left in the dust, relationships are forced together, and surprises are clearly telegraphed.

Traditionally, winter blockbusters don't get released before May 1. But, as in so many other ways, Avengers: Infinity War is making its own rules. It's decided the winter movie season began this Wednesday, April 25, and everyone else can deal with it. All we can do is to tell you about the other 30 big movies coming out afterwards, including heady sci-fi films, a slew of sequels, and different superheroes.