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There’s nothing like a trial by fire. So on my latest trip, I left my regular work laptop at home and grabbed the recently refreshed Dell XPS 15. With my destination more than 11,000km away from home and no backup machine to rely on, the XPS 15 was my command station for working on everything from writing stories to editing photos and videos, creating gifs and even playing some games during my downtime. And over the course of a week, the XPS 15 was nearly flawless, performing even better than I expected while easily accommodating everything I threw at it.

Danny Trejo is willing to direct Machete Kills’ spacebound sequel himself if necessary. Andy Muschietti is working on and adaptation of Stephen King’s The Jaunt. Showtime has dropped Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Kingkiller Chronicles adaptation. Plus, Jon Favreau wants to do a new Star Wars Holiday Special, and the Scooby Gang ring up Batman. Spoilers now!

A group of middle-aged people riding scooters and bicycles in Denver, Colorado went full-on road rage on each other over who knows what, and video of the incident that’s as comical as it is depressing made its way onto local news. It looks like we’re getting a preview of a future South Park episode.

A decade or so ago, it seemed like hydrogen cars could be the long-range, clean alternative to fossil fuels we were looking for. Batteries didn’t seem up to the job, the infrastructure could be built out by converting gas stations and we should never run out. But after years of massive growth in the electric vehicle space, hydrogen cars are still rare, expensive and only available in limited areas.

The Sixth Doctor was a controversial figure, on screen and off, by the end of his tenure on Doctor Who. At the time, Colin Baker’s exit was so tempestuous the actor did not return for the traditional hand-over of the role to his replacement, Sylvester McCoy. It led to one of the dodgiest wigs in Doctor Who history, but now, Baker regrets it for another reason.

Walking around the Frankfurt Motor Show on the weekend, there were Audi E-tron shuttles zooming around to ferry attendees between the press room and the far reaches of the show. Like many E-trons in the European market, these ones had the camera-based mirrors that automakers have been putting on concept cars for the past 15 years. And despite usually being a sucker for tech gimmicks, I still don’t get this one.