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Riverdale loves nothing more than casting former teen idols as the adults of this show. So far, this show has gifted us with Luke Perry as Archie's dad, Fred. We know that soon his mum will show up, played by Molly Ringwald. And in the latest episode we met Jughead's dad, Skeet Ulrich. These former stars add a layer of meta-irony to the show, but why stop there?


This past weekend, the BBC aired Terry Pratchett: Back in Black, a part-drama, part-documentary tribute to mark the death of one of fantasy's most beloved authors. Typically, these sorts of specials about dead celebrities include "talking head" insight from fellow celebrities, but rarely cover the indelible mark left on seas of ordinary fans. Back in Black does, and it's what makes it stand out as a stunning farewell to Pratchett.