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Given that 'cloud computing' is quickly becoming the go-to buzzword in today's broad landscape of divergent mobile technologies - this video, from the TechLines series, is a particularly timely reminder of where the cloud is heading, who some of the leading experts are and how the cloud is likely to change the way we engage with our mobile gadgets in the coming years.

TechLines will be streamed live right here in this post at midday today. We're also keeping on eye out for tweets with hashtag #tlines to incorporate comments and questions into the live event.

It's no small question (and the five Ws look kind of cool). Was it marketing? Timing? Did Google shoot themselves in the foot by leaving 'beta' tags on Gmail well after it was a perfectly formed product... so that no one was ready to accept a beta was really a beta? And, with our the Lifehacker Techlines event next week (you can still nab a seat if you leave insightful comments) tackling the topic of the future of communications, what does the demise of Google Wave say about what users are looking for?

Our buddies at Lifehacker are hosting a panel discussion called 'Email is Dead'. There's a serious line up of globally respected business leaders and experts, and the whole thing will be streamed live online next Thursday at midday. But we want to know what you think of email and how you'd change the way people communicate in your workplace.

Email has become such a core part of our daily lives over the past decade that it's not something we really spend too much time thinking about here at Gizmodo. Fortunately though, the team at Lifehacker do think about it - a lot - and they're hosting a big event to discuss both the role email plays in today's society, as well as what the technology's future holds.