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Up until now, whenever I wanted to make funny faces at my boss but didn't have the Wi-Fi connection necessary for Facetime, I used the Fring app over 3G. Now I've got a new favourite app for those times: Tango.


Sure, the Segway turned out to be a gigantic joke of a failure, but that doesn't mean the technology from the dork transporter is useless. Some clever high school kids from Canada have designed a really unique motorcycle-type vehicle called the Tango that uses the same balance-based tech for control.


It was just a matter of time before another UMPC came out with a similar slide-out keyboard to the HTC Shift that debuted back at CTIA. Don't get us wrong—we don't think this is a copy—we're just pointing out that both have sliding keyboards.

The Wings has a 7-inch screen (touch or not, we're not sure), a trackpad, directional keys, and who knows what else inside. If the features rival what's in the Shift, this is possibly the second UMPC that we'd even think of using. – Jason Chen

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PMPInside plays with TANGO Wings UMPC