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Swype has finally dropped its Beta tag and gone official -- which means it's now in the Play store, easy to install and no longer free. Developers at Nuance -- the company which purchased Swype in 2011 -- clearly deem the latest version of the Android Keyboard, 1.5, finished and ready for full public consumption.

Swype, the sliding keyboard that dramatically speeds up typing on Android, just got a little more clever. As well as offering a more fluid typing experience, it now crowd-sources your autocorrections -- which should (hopefully) make for fewer embarrassing mistakes.

Swype was really the first replacement keyboard for Android that Droid owners could show off to their snarky, iPhone-wielding pals to make them a just a little jealous. Today it's getting better.

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab had Swype, and it was a nightmare to use. Swype obviously understood that, and have introduced a heap of tablet-friendly updates for version 3.0, including predictive tapping, adjustable keyboard sizes and adjustable keyboard positions. Hopefully it will make typing on Android tablets a much more enjoyable experience...

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Samsung's Omnia II handset was the first phone to feature Swype, the super-fast input method for texting. It's now officially the world's fastest way to text, breaking the Guinness World Record with five seconds to spare.

QWERTY is pretty much the king of smartphone text input. But there's a new challenger on the horizon. It's called Swype, it works with one-hand input and, yeah, it is pretty fast.