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Your finger works just fine as your body's built-in stylus, but sometimes — like when checking Twitter while eating wings — you'd rather not touch your screen with your filthy digits. It's those times when carrying a stylus is perfectly justified, and with the clever rubber StretchWrite, you can just use your favourite pen to poke away at your device's touchscreen.


Earlier this week we learned that Adobe is abandoning Creative Suite for the cloud. But at the tail end of its announcement, the company also revealed a surprising little hardware project that shows how it plans to augment Creative Cloud: a pressure-sensitive iPad stylus called Project Mighty and its ruler cousin, Napoleon.


Despite the myriad uses an iPad can serve up, one area where it falls short is artistic creation. Sure, there are heaps of sketching and painting apps, but they are hampered by one shortcoming of the iPad's display: lack of pressure sensitivity. The Pogo Connect Stylus tries to mend this gap and open the doors to a more complete artistic experience on the iPad.


If you're a fan of long fingernails, you've probably already developed special techniques for using touchscreen devices. But Sri Vellanki, the creator of a fingertip stylus called Tech Tips, feels women shouldn't be limited to what technology they can use because of their fashion choices. So she's developed a touchscreen-friendly fingernail that works like a high-precision stylus.


We already played with the Samsung Galaxy Note, the confused gargantuan phone/tiny tablet love child, but we didn't show you HOW THE BEST STYLUS EVER WORKED. Here's a video about that. And some other features of the Note too. Watch it.