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New York Times reporter David Sanger worked extensively with former deputy CIA director Michael Morell during the reporting of his book Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power -- even arranging to provide Morell with access to an entire unpublished chapter for his review -- according to documents obtained by Gizmodo.

Earlier this year, a devastating virus dubbed Flame made its way through power plants in Iran, wreaking havoc on system software, and prompting the country to disconnect itself from the internet. Now comes word from Kaspersky Labs that there's a copycat virus doing the same thing to "at least one organisation in the energy sector."

Ready to shake in your shoes? This video breaking down how Stuxnet works and where it could go next is flat out frightening. (And if this wasn't a government program, I'll eat a centrifuge.)

The Stuxnet worm may have a new target. The now-infamous malware was possibly built to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, while North Korea has unveiled a new uranium enrichment plant that might share components with Iran's facilities. Are Pyongyang's centrifuges vulnerable?