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There has long been a joy to the physical capacity of holding a book — even in this age where we can download a million volumes to our phones and e-readers, there’s just something about the heft of a book in your hands that still feels a little bit like magic. But a new Steven Universe book out today takes that magic a step further, as befitting a saga of magical space rocks.

From the moment Steven Universe: The Movie’s sumptuously-produced opening credits begin rolling, you can see how Rebecca Sugar really, really wasn’t being subtle earlier this year. She explained how the Crewniverse had been secretly preparing for the Crystal Gems’ latest adventure with a number of the series’ earlier musical episodes and, interestingly, the illustrated storybooks based on the show that reimagine important moments as fairytales.

Steven Universe: The Movie had one of the best panels at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con despite the fact that it was light in the way of details about the film’s plot -- “light” being the operative word, here. While Rebecca Sugar didn’t stop to just list spoiler-y details about the movie, she did drop a handful of interesting tidbits. You just had to be listening for them.

San Diego Comic-Con has once again come and gone, leaving us with a flurry of feelings. Gizmodo was there to experience everything, giving you in-depth coverage on the ground and reporting on panels. There were plenty of highs, a few lows and one thing that was so strange we’re not sure what to make of it!

Warner Bros, Sony and Universal might be sitting out San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but we still have plenty of amazing panels to be excited about — especially in regards to new television shows. We’ll be covering all of it from San Diego next week, but for those prepping their must-see lists, we’re counting down the 10 most exciting panels happening at SDCC this year.

When Cartoon Network announced there’d be new details about the upcoming Steven Universe movie at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the thing most everyone immediately latched onto about the new character art was a small, but very significant update to Steven’s appearance that someone unfamiliar with the series might have missed. Look at that boy’s neck. It’s a new neck.

When we talked to Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar last year about the creative process that goes into crafting the series’ excellent music, we asked what other artists she had in heavy Spotify rotation. She mentioned Chance the Rapper (and his equally excellent rendition of the Arthur theme song). With that in mind, the latest news about Steven Universe: The Movie isn’t all that surprising.