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We ended up with Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill, but the other names who almost played the role of Superman in the last 15 years is kind of incredible. From Nicolas Cage in one film to Brendan Frasier in another, dozens of actors were considered to be the Man of Steel. Among them? Jude Law.


Every now and then, a talk show host like your Lettermans or your Lenos will step out from behind their desks to make themselves vulnerable and open to question. There is no greater in my mind than the man himself, Stephen Colbert. Watch as he gets out from behind his desk to become the interviewee of Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Welcome to Monday Night Web Movie.


Many gathered around the tube for Stephen Colbert's feisty interview with everyone's favourite reclusive children's book author, Maurice Sendak. It's always a delight when old people weight in on new technology, and the highlight of the interview was Sendak's eloquent and nuanced condemnation of the ebook revolution.