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When Star Trek fans fight about the best Trek show, nine times out of 10 they're arguing about the original series versus The Next Generation. Obviously, both shows are excellent and fundamental to the franchise, but they aren't the best Trek ever put on television. I believe that honour belongs to Deep Space Nine and praise the prophets, do I love it.

Star Trek could have been gayer. But in the '80s I didn't care. I was twee and my biggest Star Trek concern in 1987 was where the hell Sulu and Uhura were and why was there a small bald British man wearing a red shirt on the bridge. But later... later I wanted to know where the gay was. Stuff close to my heart, you know?

A lot of times in Star Trek, we tend to focus on the captains. After all, it's their ship, right? Everyone else is just following orders. But I think it's high time the second-in-commands got their day in the captain's chair -- after all, the heroine of the newest Star Trek TV series will be among their ranks.

Every so often, a TV show likes to go outside its usual comfort zone and do something different... something weird. It abandons its usual format to try something else, suddenly becoming a musical, a comedy, a documentary, a Western, anything. If an episode manages to pull it off, it usually ends up becoming a classic -- and here are 10 of those episodes.