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It’s imminent. Multiple outlets now report that Apple will announce new video streaming and news subscription services at a celebrity-studded event in Cupertino on March 25. BuzzFeed News cited anonymous sources who said the event would take place at Steve Jobs Theatre and focus on the news service.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman corroborated that report and added that Apple’s long-rumoured streaming video service would also be announced — and with the participation of several Hollywood A-listers to boot. So it sounds like no small affair.

Spotify's long-awaited Apple Watch app is already in the hands of beta testers, according to a Reddit post and some screenshots uploaded to Imgur today. Spotify's online forums have been bombarded with requests for Apple Watch support for years, but until today it's never seemed like the integration ever had much momentum.

If you’re saving a few bucks with a Spotify family plan without following the company’s one-household rule, be sure to take advantage of it while you still can. Spotify may come knocking for your “GPS data” to confirm you are indeed following the rules, or else “you may lose access to the plan”, according to two emails posted by subscribers on Twitter.

It was announced yesterday that SiriusXM will acquire music streaming service Pandora in a deal worth $US3.5 billion ($4.8 billion). SiriusXM is touting the acquisition as the creation of the world’s largest audio entertainment company.

Paying for a premium service is the absolute best way to stream your favourite songs — you’ll get a better selection and more importantly, few, if any, frustrating ads. But Spotify is still pushing its free streaming option to keep growing, despite that being one of the biggest, dumbest sticking points in Spotify’s tussle with the music industry.

The theme of this week's Unpacked was connectivity. Throughout the show the notion of a Samsung 'ecosystem' with seamlessly connected devices was continuously touched upon.

Galaxy Notes. Galaxy Tabs. Galaxy Watches. The branding was strong.

This all built up to a crescendo, which was the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Home -- a brand new standalone smart speaker. Here is what we know so far.

After trying and failing to launch a competitive music streaming service for years, Google released YouTube Music last month. You might've thought Google's latest attempt to compete with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify would have pushed forward with new ideas. Nope. A quick browse through the app reveals that at the moment it's simply a lacklustre Spotify clone.

Mistakes happen. Yesterday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek admitted to a rather big one in regards to the company's controversial "Hate Content and Hateful Conduct" policy. "We rolled this out wrong and could have done a much better job," said Ek about Spotify's decision to remove R Kelly and the rappers XXXTentacion and Tay-K from the company's playlists.