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I think most of us can safely agree that there are few things consumers want to engage with less than ads. We certainly do not want ads that require us to actively speak to them. But the future is now, baby! And if this sounds like hell, now might be a good time to upgrade your free Spotify subscription.

Two weeks ago, members of the Gimlet Media staff announced its intentions to unionize. The company, which is known for podcasts like Start Up and Reply All, as well as its recent acquisition by Sweden-based streaming giant Spotify for over $282 million, has been less than welcoming of the staff’s attempts to formally organise.

While this drama has played out in public, Gimlet’s stance of stalling union recognition, Gizmodo has learned, goes back to at least January.

My favourite thing about Spotify has always been music discovery. So when the company started building personalised playlists like Discovery Weekly and Release radar, I was hooked.

The only problem was listening to all the new music takes forever. But an independent project from a couple of Spotify developers offers an amazing hack for exploring millions and millions of songs. They call it Discover Quickly.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been more than clear that services such as the iOS App Store are an essential part of the company’s future as consumers hang onto devices for longer and longer periods between upgrades. When Spotify filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple this week, it fired a direct shot at the tech giant’s strategy.

Now, Apple has issued its rebuttal to Spotify’s accusations.

After a decade of worsening relations with Apple, Swedish music streaming giant Spotify took the extraordinary step today of filing a formal antitrust complaint with the European Commission, “after trying unsuccessfully to resolve the issues directly with Apple,” according to CEO Daniel Ek.

A couple of weeks ago Spotify buried the repeat button on mobile devices. In order to make room for more visible sharing options, it was popped into a sub menu, along with the Go To Queue button.

I am one of those people who who listens to the same songs over, and over, and over until I'm sick of both it and myself. And apparently I'm not the only one.

There was so much backlash over this decision that Spotify has now fixed it.

It’s imminent. Multiple outlets now report that Apple will announce new video streaming and news subscription services at a celebrity-studded event in Cupertino on March 25. BuzzFeed News cited anonymous sources who said the event would take place at Steve Jobs Theatre and focus on the news service.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman corroborated that report and added that Apple’s long-rumoured streaming video service would also be announced — and with the participation of several Hollywood A-listers to boot. So it sounds like no small affair.

Spotify's long-awaited Apple Watch app is already in the hands of beta testers, according to a Reddit post and some screenshots uploaded to Imgur today. Spotify's online forums have been bombarded with requests for Apple Watch support for years, but until today it's never seemed like the integration ever had much momentum.

If you’re saving a few bucks with a Spotify family plan without following the company’s one-household rule, be sure to take advantage of it while you still can. Spotify may come knocking for your “GPS data” to confirm you are indeed following the rules, or else “you may lose access to the plan”, according to two emails posted by subscribers on Twitter.

It was announced yesterday that SiriusXM will acquire music streaming service Pandora in a deal worth $US3.5 billion ($4.8 billion). SiriusXM is touting the acquisition as the creation of the world’s largest audio entertainment company.