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Dario Argento's Italian horror classic Suspiria is beloved for many reasons, but high atop the list is the film's haunting score by frequent Argento collaborators Goblin. A Suspiria remake is due later this year, and the crucial slot of soundtrack creator has just been announced. It's a name you might recognise.

As excitement for the Showtime Twin Peaks revival builds, there's no better time to revisit David Lynch's cinematic prequel to the series, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Specifically, the 25-year-old cult classic's spooky Angelo Badalamenti score, which is getting a stylishly packaged and fully remastered re-release.

We all have a friend who collects vinyl. At first, you may have judged them for their perceived "hipster nonsense", but I'll bet you've come around. I see you spying on new record players, figuring out how to get started. And that artwork. It's stunning, and honestly a reason all on its own to invest in the hobby. You know this.

But what better way to avoid having to admit you've fallen head first into the retro trap than to gift those awesome looking (and sounding) albums you've found online to a loved one? If you need some inspiration, here's a list of our favourite six released in 2016.

People have been working to deal with their Stranger Things music urges while waiting for the official soundtrack. A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that it was in the works, but now Pitchfork is reporting dates for the release, and it's happening soon.

Video: It's not as simple as just playing sad music over sad scenes. No, Pixar plays with our emotions through music, sending out contrasting messages through what we see and what we hear to tear at our feelings even more. Which means, mixing happy music over sad scenes is how Pixar really gets us.

Video: Hozier has been on my musical radar ever since Take Me To Church came out -- by which I mean that one song has been saved on my phone since then. But it was only this week that I started discovering how fantastic his lesser-known stuff is.