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Dear Gizmodo, my 15-year old son is bugging me to buy him a PlayStation 4 Pro console for his birthday - he's even willing to put half the money towards it. The thing is, he already owns a PlayStation 4 which still works fine. Is this upgrade necessary to play future PlayStation games or will it just be a waste of money?

Sony's latest and greatest PlayStation -- the most powerful console ever, capable of 4K and HDR and VR -- is out now. You can buy a PlayStation 4 Pro at a few different electronics stockists around the country, and while bundles and bargains are few and far between, here's where you can check for one.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game that's been built from the ground up to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro's additional processing power over the now-three-year-old PS4. That means that if you have a 4K TV -- especially one with HDR support -- it'll look amazing. Even if you have a normal 1080p telly, it'll look better than any other console you can buy.

Someone asked me recently what home theatre setup I'd build myself if money was no issue. I'm not talking about an actual theatre -- I'd rather just go to the movies for that -- but here's what I'd buy myself. If you have an appropriately fat bank account, enough space at home and an afternoon to buy everything, here's what you should get.