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Maybe it's a little too particular to complain about your gadgets not getting the exact kind of charge they're supposed to get. Oh well. The Kopi KBAR power strip fixes that issue with with a switch that lets you change the wattage when your phone's juicing up.


The Pivot Power strip isn't the first to try and solve the bulky power adaptor problem. And like others, its rotating design probably won't top the Power Squid in sheer utility. But others aren't nearly as attractive as this one.


You may be trying to stop pesky house-guests from charging their phones in your lounge, or just want a couple of secret sockets squirrelled away for yourself - either way, this Stekkerboek power board hides away in bookcases, disguised as a tome. Just don't let your guests start browsing your library, and those sockets should be all yours.


I woke up from a nap in a fit of terror, realising mid-dream that I left the stove on for five hours.


As chargers and power adaptors - and the number of gadgets we carry - become ever more unwieldy, a solution like the Cute Cube is going to be less a luxury than a necessity. A necessity that is just adorable!


Lately I've been sharing my desk. Lots of fun, but you quickly end up with a cable mess and running out of plugs. That's why I want someone to convert the RedDot Award-winner PowerPost into a real product.


This is one of the best power socket ideas I've seen in a long while: A socket with an extension cord inside the wall itself. They should make these standard everywhere. I even like the name: The Rambler Socket.


I hope you guys drink your milk because strong bones are essential if you want to use this 21-piece finger socket set. Outside of the potential for compound fractures, this idea is actually quite ingenious. The concept has probably been around for a while in various forms, but for any tinkerer that gets frustrated with manoeuvring tools into tight spaces, having a socket attached to your finger could prove invaluable—although it seems like you would never have proper leverage. Available for $US20.