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When a droplet of water impacts a larger body of water it has a tendency to bead up and bounce. It happens constantly, but you might not have focused closely enough to consider its strangeness - and it is very strange, especially when viewed on a high-speed camera.


Video: Most people know potato guns are sweet as hell. Unfortunately, if you want to use one to turn any large pieces of produce into a smoothie (a squash or watermelon, for instance), you'll need something stronger than a potato. Say, a steel-reinforced potato.


The slapshot is the fastest shot in hockey. One satisfying thwack and the puck goes flying at incredible speeds. Except it's not really one thwack, it's two, and our buddy Destin at Smarter Every Day has both the science know-how and the super high-speed slow-motion cameras to show you exactly how it works.