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Last week, thousands of Google staffers walked out of their offices and into the streets in what is perhaps the largest collective protest of tech workers in history. The demonstration, which included Google offices across several continents, was sparked by reports that the company offered lucrative exit packages to multiple top executives accused of sexual misconduct. The impressive solidarity among Google’s workforce marked the industry’s big Time’s Up moment.

A damning and detailed report from the New York Times this week outlined Google's apparent handling of the departure of Andy Rubin — the creator of Android who left the company in 2014 following an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct — as well as other top executives. Now, Google is facing condemnation from its employees about Rubin's reported $US90 ($127) million exit package and an apparent lack of transparency about the conditions around which he and other executives left the company.

A landmark report by the National Academies of Science, Medicine and Engineering (NASME) out today details the wide extent of sexual harassment, bullying and ostracisation of women within the scientific world. It also offers a series of proactive, far-reaching recommendations to combat its further spread.