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The charming rural scene pictured above actually contains 50 tons of discarded water bottles and sandwich containers, which were blended up and refashioned into this 27m long plastic bridge.


One of LulzSec's purported kingpins is now in police custody. Topiary, apparently a 19-year-old Scottish kid, was arrested by the UK's Metropolitan Police Service's Police Central e-Crime Unit today, and now en route to London. Bad news for LulzSec.


If someone were filming me at work, I'd be sure to do all sorts of cool stuff, like put my feet up on the desk and wear sunglasses. But if I had to use my computer, I'd be sure I didn't type like it was the first time I'd ever seen a keyboard, as appears to be the case with this Scottish officer.


British climber Adam Potter fell 300m down the side of a mountain in the Scottish Highlands. A helicopter crew found him half an hour later, standing on his feet reading a map. How did he survive?


Scottish architecture firm ZM Architecture has come up with a way to deliver more renewable energy to Glasgow: solar panel lily pads. Yep, they want to populate the River Clyde with a series of gigantic solar islands that'll soak up the rays all day long, sending electricity to the grid while also acting as an aesthetically-pleasing attraction. Initially an entry in the International Design Awards "Land and Sea" competition where it took first prize, the Glasgow city council is now considering testing out a small run of the solar lily pads in the river.