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TomTom makes its money from navigation solutions, so it's not a huge surprise that it's not terribly fond of open source maps on a general level. It has been accused, however, of overstating the error potential in competing open source map sources as part of a blog post discrediting them.


Though released late 2009, TomTom's XXL 540 is still a current model usually priced up to $300. It's got a massive 5-inch touchscreen, 3D modes, speed camera data and IQ Routes (factors in peak hour, traffic lights, etc). While $149 seems like no brainer, the hard part might be working out if it can fit on your dash.


Drivers in The Netherlands who noticed that speed traps were a little too perfectly placed lately weren't just being paranoid; turns out local cops have had a wealth of TomTom driving data - including historical speed - at their disposal. Because TomTom sold it to them. Et tu, satnav?


GPS navigation is everywhere these days, which is what makes it such a great stocking stuffer. Here's the best way to get your Christmas shopping from point A to point B. Recalculating... Recalculating...