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I never thought I would say this.

It's been 48 hours since I've seen daylight or had human contact. If you could see me right now, the light of this MacBook would be lighting up a greasy face with unfocused eyes and matted hair. Tear tracks carrying black flecks of mascara down the cheeks.


Tony had his onions, but it seems like a smartphone is a far more fitting symbol for a former Communications Minister. At least that's what Instagram account @textsfrommalcolm has gone with. It's an account that captions photos of our new Prime Minister looking bored on his phone in Parliament, with imaginings of just who he is sending his important texts to. It seems like @textsfrommalcolm has been pro-Turnbull since day one — or at least from back in March when its first photo was posted — explaining their choice in politicians with the simple caption: 'Because Tony Abbott doesn't have opposable thumbs.'


We're as guilty as anybody for propping up the process of making handmade goods and artisanal products but the truth is, they're really fascinating to watch. But of course, being totally obsessed and narrowly focused with something can come with a lack of self awareness which makes the whole artisanal movement an easy target to poke fun of. That's why this wonderful satire is so perfect. Handmade firewood that sells for $1000 a bundle.


Every year, San Francisco empties out during Burning Man week. Suddenly there are no lines at the cargo container ice cream shop. Nobody is wearing an "interesting" hat to make a statement about self-actualisation. We are at peace. That's why a group of comedians are crowdsourcing a Great Wall of San Francisco.


Allegorical, satirical, and comic or serio-comic maps were one of the most popular ways of distributing political propaganda leading up to the Second World War. With countries depicted as human figures, animals, or even monsters, these maps attempted to represent more than just geography — and in doing so, exposed the political biases and sometimes even bigotry of the author.


Bookworms who've baulked at upgrading to an ereader have a long list of reasons why they won't give up their paper copies. But there's only one real reason why anyone would carry around a book anymore: It lets them show off what they're reading in public. And as The Onion reveals, that's what led Amazon to create a new version of the Kindle that shouts the title of your current book so everyone knows how well read you are.


The best Instagram that everyone should go follow right now, Satiregram, doesn't have any pictures at all. Or well, that's not completely true. It obviously has pictures but all of its Instagram pictures is just text captions describing terribly cliche pictures you always see on Instagram. It's riot-inducing hilarious because it's absolutely true.


I love the internet. You never know what some genius is going to build to make us laugh from one day to the next. The best thing on the internet this morning is Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's "ums" and "ahs", mixed in to Skrillex's second-album dubstep hit, Bangarang.


From the first microbial ooze to your most recent Facebook poke, the internet's history is as vast and varied as any major civilisation. Since a subject of this importance deserves only the most stringent satirical savaging, The Onion has — thankfully, blessedly — turned its gaze towards the bits and bytes that have been our ruin and salvation.