Huge, detailed, brightly coloured images flickered across the screen, illuminating the whole room like the lights off one of those laser light disco balls at the skating rink. My brother's eyes bulged. "It's too much," he gasped as I scrambled for the remote just to pause the vivid assault on our eyeballs. He'd just come over to help me set up the enormous 65-inch Q9 television from Samsung, and after adding on the feet -- which required laying it across my entire bed, and then wrestling it onto the stand (it weighs over 27kg), we sat down to watch one of my favourite test shows Sense8.

The show is great for testing TVs because it's bright and colourful with a wide array of skin tones that can end up looking orange or muddy on a cheaper TV. I wanted to know if a super expensive set like the Q9 was ever worth it when it's totally possible to get great TVs for $1500 or less. As soon as I hit play I had my answer -- a pricey TV can be a real game changer.