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The Apple Watch might be the most popular smartwatch, but its controls and interface don't hold a candle to what you get on Samsung's watches. The problem is that because Samsung has been trying to start its own watch ecosystem with Tizen OS, its watches never received the rabid support that Apple's got from day one. But with new partnerships with some of the biggest workout app makers around and a tighter focus on fitness, it feels like Samsung and the new Gear Sport could be inching its way towards a critical mass.

If you're an all-round fitness fan, your workout routine might just include swimming. And that means your fitness tracker or smartwatch until now probably hasn't been tracking your laps and strokes -- unless it's the excellent Apple Watch Series 2. Samsung has two new fitness trackers, though, that'll go stroke for stroke, and a Speedo-developed training app to collate it all and push you further.