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The Galaxy Note7 is a huge black mark for Samsung -- an exploding embarrassment that cost the company a ton of money and kicked off one of the biggest PR nightmares in recent memory. But despite the global recall, the jokes on late night TV, and the fact that the FAA and other agencies banned the phone from air travel, Samsung might sell refurbished Galaxy Note7s in the future. That's... certainly a choice!

The next chapter in the unending Galaxy Note 7 exploding phone saga -- According to a new report from Reuters, Samsung will pay suppliers who already made components of the Galaxy Note 7 for unused parts. The company will also "consider giving them orders for other models to cushion the blow." Samsung also plans to compensate suppliers for any unused Galaxy Note 7 raw materials.

Josh Dickey, an editor at Mashable, just published a blog post about why he's keeping his Samsung Galaxy Note7. The smartphones have been exploding left and right, and Samsung is officially halting sales of the device and recalling all phones already in the wild. But Mr Dickey wants you to know that, actually, exploding phones are fine and good. And he has the Fight Club quotes to prove it.

Last week, Samsung recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. But it seems like every day we're hearing stories about the defective devices being the potential cause of everything from burning Jeeps in Florida to flaming hotel beds in Australia. Now, authorities are investigating a house fire in Horry County, South Carolina with a possible connection to the infamously combustible device.

"My brand new Note7 exploded this morning while I was still asleep, it was plugged in and charging," writes Melbourne Redditor Crushader, in what appears to be Australia's first case of a Samsung Galaxy Note7 being destroyed due to a recently discovered battery defect, " told me this is the first case in Australia".

While Samsung isn't elaborating on the incident, which allegedly occurred in a Perth hotel room, a replacement phone has been supplied via a Samsung store and the company is covering the $1800 hotel damages bill according to Crushader.