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Porsche has kicked out mobile phones before: but none so capable as the upcoming P'9522. It's a butch but sweetly-minimal design flip phone, with a rotating screen, and it's just got its FCC pass so it should be on the way here soon. Among its many features, it sadly lacks 3G connectivity, but the rest—including on-board GPS—almost make up for that.


Sagem Orga, in partnership with BlueSky is targeting the array of mobile phones (and presumably mobile-internet enabled PCs and such) that currently don't have GPS with this new invention: a SIM card with AGPS aboard. Clever stuff indeed, packing all the chips for a "highly accurate GPS receiver", wiring and antenna into a thumbnail-sized space. We've got to wonder how good its satellite fixes will be with such a small device though, and since it looks like every gadget that comes out has GPS aboard nowadays, adding GPS to a device via its SIM card might just be a temporary stopgap option. But it'll undeniably have lots of applications when it hits the market.


We're jealous. The guys at the Brit division of Crave got their greasy paws on that gorgeous Sagem Porsche P'9521 phone we showed you the other day. Making us feel even worse is the fact that they liked it a lot, writing in their dignified-sounding British way, "it's not just a piece of rubbish with a Porsche logo on it—it is in fact a rather nifty clamshell handset."

One of the pics showed us something we didn't realise before—you know that highly visible Porsche Design logo on the lid? The numerals on its outside screen are displayed in a similar typeface. That's a cool detail. Our major complaint about the phone is its outrageous $1634 price.


The Sagem Porsche P'9521 cellphone has resurfaced after its initial intro we showed you last June, and this time there are clean and sexy pics along with some first impressions from LetsGoMobile. The phone will be available sometime before Christmas exclusively at The Phone House for a Porsche-like price of €1200 ($1685). Egads, that would be a helluva Xmas present. The Amsterdam grope revealed a "tight, stylish design based on aluminium and glass," and the phone was said to have a "beautiful design." See for yourself. Even though it's thick and heavy, its spec list is otherwise fairly standard. But weeee-doggies, check out that cellphone porn.