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In the last few months of 2018 it seemed like the mobile world was dominated by the foldable arms race. Samsung was always at the forefront of the conversation, but there were other contenders who might get there first, including Huawei.

In the end, a small company called Royole beat everyone to it, releasing its foldable to the commercial Chinese market at the end of last year. It also made an appearance at CES 2019, so I pushed my way through the crowds to ensure I got my hands (and butt) on it.

Over the past few years, Ossia has impressed us with demonstrations of its over-the-air power delivery system which promises to make charging cables and pads obsolete. But it’s always been just demos of prototypes, which feels like a constant tease of a future we want right now. For CES 2019, however, Ossia has worked with accessories maker Spigen to develop the first truly wireless charging case for smartphones, and given us a more solid timeline of when the company’s wireless power tech will be available to everyone.

Phones aren't usually the main event at CES. All of the new mobile hype is generally reserved for Mobile World Congress in late February.

Apparently Samsung wanted to break that tradition by announcing the launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the company's first foldable phone.

Rumours and leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been swirling around since before the Note 9 launched. From the amount of cameras to dredded side notches, there has been a whole lot of speculation, especially when it comes to the design.

Well, now we seem to have some actual facts.

Earlier today a whole heap of info about the S10 was revealed - including the specs, release date, sizes and UK pricing. Here are all the details.

DJ Koh has been at it again. After letting slip about the Note 9 before it launched, he has now also revealed some details about Samsung's highly anticipated foldable phone -- which is on track for being a world-first.

It doesn't have an official name, but it is generally referred to as the Samsung Galaxy X. These are the details we have so far.

Rumours about Samsung's highly anticipated foldable phone dominated the mobile space in the second half of 2018.

It may have finally been revealed back in November, but the world was barely given glimpse of the device.

Not much else has been said since, until today at CES when it was revealed that its coming in the first half of 2019.

Apple never comes to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but this year, of all years, the company showed up. Sort of. Looming above the monorail station at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there’s a massive black-and-white mural with the silhouette of an iPhone and a message: “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.” As tourists and tech journalists snapped pictures of the ad, something else was happening quietly in conference rooms along the Strip: Apple software was appearing on TVs.

With the Consumer Electronics Show just days away, a very curious billboard has surfaced in Las Vegas that prominently touts Apple’s privacy standards. Playing to city’s own infamous tagline, it reads: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

Earlier today Samsung announced that it will be launching iTunes and AirpPlay 2 support in 2019.

Thats's right, you'll be able enjoy your iTunes library in the comfort of your living room without having to investing in Apple TV. Hurray!

This partnership is an industry first and another sign that Apple is loosening its clutches on hardware control after launching Apple Music on Amazon Echo speakers at the end of last year.

As data breaches and privacy concerns become a frighteningly common feature of our digital world, it’s increasingly important that we think critically about the kinds of apps with which we share our information. A new report from the Wall Street Journal finds that a popular weather app has been asking users for an “unusual amount of data” and allegedly subscribing some users to paid services without their consent.