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It's clear that Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs hold each other in high regard, aligning their companies, to some extent, for the ambitious new iPad-only newspaper The Daily. But Jobs doesn't just build, Murdoch says, he destroys, too.


Just minutes before the presentation, here are all the details of Murdoch's The Daily iPad newspaper, sent by Rupert himself. $US40 a year will get you a subscription to 365 days of these contents.


How bad is the situation for MySpace right now? Pretty bad: Not only is the social networking site losing tons of money, but the chief operating officer of its parent company wants it to rebound "in quarters, not in years."


Rupert Murdoch — owner of some of the finest and fairest news organisations in the world, true beacons of journalism — is thinking about retiring all his content from Google. Well, Señor Ruperto, apparently Google doesn't give a goddamn about it.