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Headed to the beach this month? All manner of dedicated speakers, coolers and phone cases are going to be vying for your don't-get-sand-or-water-in-it money. Do you really need to pay money to achieve that? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Let's look at the why and how and save you both cash and broken phones.


It wasn't so long ago that we rounded up the best action cameras and put them to the test. Just half a year later, and the biggies all have new versions out. They're all better, but there's only one best. Round Two: Fight!


Tough, waterproof point-and-shoot cameras are supposed to be awesome: small enough to fit in your pocket, submersible to depths of 12 metres, able to survive drops from heights above a man's head. We put four of these cameras through gadget hell to determine the ultimate rugged shooter. It turns out that they're all great in some ways, and they all have some serious flaws.