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On Thursday, Microsoft CEO Brad Smith made a bold climate pledge: By 2030, he said the company will remove more carbon from the environment than it emits, and by 2050, will remove more carbon than the company has ever produced.

New government research paints a dire picture of Americans and their exercise habits. Across all 50 states, at least 15 per cent of adults reported being physically inactive, while in some areas of the country, nearly 50 per cent of adults said they got no form of exercise.

You enter a cave. At the end of a dark corridor, you encounter a pair of sealed chambers. Inside each chamber is an all-knowing wizard. The prophecy says that with these oracles’ help, you can learn the answers to unanswerable problems. But there’s a catch: The oracles don’t always tell the truth. And though they cannot communicate with each other, their seemingly random responses to your questions are actually connected by the very fabric of the universe. To get the answer you seek, you must first devise... the questions.

It’s almost the end of The Good Place, but for the Soul Squad things look like they’re just beginning. As Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and her friends get ready for the next (and hopefully final) phase of the afterlife, Michael (Ted Danson) wrestles with a feeling of helplessness over losing the thing that made him special. Did the episode work? Honestly, it kind of depends on what happens next.