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Last week, Nigerian officials seized over 100 bags of what was claimed to be plastic rice. Lab tests have since shown the product isn't fake, as Gizmodo and other outlets reported. But it is badly contaminated rice that's unsafe for human consumption. The incident is casting light on the sorry state of the economy and food production in Nigeria — along with a government that's anxious to deflect the blame elsewhere.


Rice: It's not just delicious, it's also the building block of a large percentage of the world's diet. But rice — and how we finally figured out how to domesticate it — is responsible for shaping a lot more than just what's on our plates.


We learned from watching Jiro that sushi is perhaps the most visually arresting type of food you can capture on film. The colours, the details, the process, the simplicity and complexity of it all makes for salivating footage that can make your eyes hungrier than you've ever felt. Here's more food porn of sushi from Munchie's series The Sushi Chef.


The creativity that went in inventing McDonald's Miracle-Flavoured Rice is so beyond my little human brain that I'd have to be high as a kite to understand the magic. But oh the magic. The culinary geniuses at RocketNews24 cooked rice with a Big Mac, fries, chicken nuggets, sauce and coke to deliver what has to be the most delicious flavour of rice ever.