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With the nation focused on World War II, Americans of the early 1940s understood that they'd have to wait until peacetime for all their shiny new futuristic gadgets to arrive — including the TVs of the future, shown above in illustrations from the Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation. If you can believe it, these were the big screen models.


Winamp is dead. Everyone's first music player is finally being killed off by AOL on 20 December after a glorious 15 year run. You know the history of the company, but what about the history of Mike the Llama, Winamp's mascot, and the sound clip about "whippin' the Llama's ass" that we all remember so fondly.


Today in Sydney, Telstra is hosting a reunion of workers who helped build the first coaxial cable connecting Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. These days we're busy arguing over the benefits of fibre and copper for the NBN, but one thing hasn't changed: laying those cables is some seriously hard slog, as you can see in these pictures of the network being built.


Crack out your flight sims: this arcade cabinet has to be the ultimate way to dogfight, resembling as it does the iconic MiG-23 fighter jet. Put together by Radek Michalowski, the cabinet is numbered 846 in tribute to the MiG-23 his friend’s father once flew. And it really does look like the plane it's inspired by, with metal and a rivet skin reminiscent of old aeroplanes.