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Angels' Mike Trout likes Drake. The Nationals' Bryce Harper opts for Sinatra. Some go with a feel-good ballad from an 80s band called The Outfield. At least a half-dozen players use "Turn Down for What." This is the world of baseball "walk-up" music, the songs that blare through the stands as the batters of the home team stroll to the plate.


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OK, I think we've gotten to the point where those Taiwanese news CGI recreations have officially gotten out of control. Don't believe me? Maybe this Barack Obama-Hu Jintao rap battle will convince you.


Gadget-inspired songs are almost always terrible, but this, this is something else. A kind-of-spoof, kind-of-ad performed by legendary nobody Caitlen Moe, "Crackberry Love" is an unmitigated disaster. Things to watch for: a man in a BlackBerry suit, endless T-Mobile shout-outs that the company almost certainly didn't ask for, and the line "my Crack and I, we got a date." Slightly NSFW for language, and because your boss might hate it enough to just fire you out of spite.


newVideoPlayer("/iphonerappers_giz.flv", 475, 286,""); At the Rock the Bells festival on Sunday I asked some of the most important hip-hop artists in the game—and my heroes since childhood—what they hated most about the iPhone. Whether they owned it or not, most of the stars had a good reason to dis the overhyped phone, and their answers ranged from the mundane (Trugoy from De La Soul says it's "too cute") to the slightly crazy (dead prez's M-1 brought up the Matrix and Big Brother). Only Wu-Tang's Method Man couldn't find a way to bring the pain—we expect a new single, "F-A-N-B-O-Y Man", any day now.