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Considering how Sol Trujillo likes to roll with the big dogs, I always imagined him walking through the streets with a small army of special forces agents protecting him from the scum of the earth (and us regular folks). But it turns out he actually enjoys rubbing shoulders with the little people — so close that they can casually walk away with his special prototype HTC phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.

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If you're not familiar with Stephen Colbert's awesome Colbert Report on Foxtel's Comedy Channel, you should spend the rest of the day over at ColbertNation.com becoming acquainted. On last night's episode, Colbert not only listed Bill Gates as the US's 4th greatest threat (around about the 1:34 mark on the clip above) for his mosquito shenanigans at TED, but also gave Giz the patented "Colbert Bump" when he talked about this story (at 2:32) complete with Giz screenshot. Make sure you check it out.