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Vodafone has today launched a new type of plan for prepaid customers -- with fully customisable plans available under a service called MyMix. With plans ranging from a 7-day to a 90-day expiry, anywhere from 500MB to 8GB of data (with bonus data included for those who sign up in May), Vodafone aims to provide a more flexible option for prepaid customers.


Optus refreshed its plan offerings a little while ago to a new "My Plan" system which had a price-entry point of $50. That's pretty hefty if you're not a heavy user. Perhaps that's why Optus decided to introduce a new $35 tier today, perhaps? Here's what it gets you.


First Kogan Mobile, now Aldi is getting in on the cheap pre-paid mobile game. News leaked tonight suggests that the discount supermarket will put its own pre-paid MVNO offering out to market next week, with others pointing to the fact that it will run from Telstra's wholesale Next G network.


NetBank is plenty nifty. Sure it's had a few missteps, like the whole "do your banking with added Facebook" thing, but on the whole, I'm a fan. Pre-paid users are going to be happy with the latest offering, though: now you can buy Telstra, Optus and BigPond pre-paid recharge credit via NetBank.


We've been enjoying the sweet speeds of Optus 4G for a little while now, but ever since the network went live for consumers a few months ago, we've all wondered about 4G pricing. Good news, everyone! It's coming next week.


Woolies just keeps expanding like the Borg. The group now includes supermarkets, Big W, Dick Smith, and Caltex/Woolworths petrol stations -- and it's at these locations that they'll be selling a $2 prepaid 3G SIM pack and Android phones. Powered by Optus, 'Woolworths Mobile' will have $29 and $49 prepaid caps, but make sure you read the fine print.